Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

By using the to.ly website, a service of Triop AB, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Use").

Forbidden activities

to.ly may NOT be used for the following:

Creating URLs for use in unsolicited advertising including but not limited to email and forum posts (i.e. do not use for SPAM purposes)

Excessive usage

We ask that you limit usage of our service to "reasonable" levels (reasonable usage is currently considered to be creating up to 2000 new shortened URLs from a single IP address in a day or visiting up to 3000 shortened URLs from a single IP address in a day). We reserve the right to remove shortened URLs from our service and/or block the abuser from our service temporarily or permanently when usage exceeds these levels.

Warranty and liability

to.ly is provided as a free service, and as such carries no warranty of any kind. to.ly is not liable for any loss or problem you might suffer due to using the service.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personally identifying information from users of this website. We store only the technical information necessary to provide our URL shortening service, such as the original long URLs. We may also store the IP addresses of computers using the to.ly service (and similar usage information such as web browser/resolution) for the sole purposes of identifying abuse of the service and tracking anonymous usage trends. This information will not be made available to third parties.

We check submitted URLs and user IP addresses against blacklists to help prevent spam. These blacklists may be operated by third parties.

URLs shortened by our website are not private and should not be treated as such. Third parties could easily guess the short URL that you are using, so you should not use to.ly to link to sensitive or secure data.

Third party advertising may be included on the site. Such advertisers may use technologies such as cookies or web beacons which may allow them to access information such as your IP address, ISP, browser etc. to be used in the course of displaying advertising or selecting advertising to display. You can choose to selectively turn off cookies in your browser settings, although this may affect your ability to interact with certain websites.

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